Excess Vaginal Wetness: Is It Normal?

It sounds like a brilliant thing for a woman. If you are a horny lady who craves sex on a regular basis, then surely there is no such thing as excess wetness in the vagina? Well, that’s not always the case. It is not necessarily a symptom of just being aroused all of the time, it is possible that you are actually suffering with an ailment that is causing your vagina to be overly wet. Let’s explore the topic in a little more depth and peruse over a few solutions to this frustrating and potentially very embarrassing problem.

First, if you are an adult in this situation then you should not be worried or embarrassed as excess vaginal lubrication is a very common problem that affects many women. Whether it is just generally or your vagina becomes extremely wet during sex, neither are that unusual and as a result, there is much that you can do to avert this issue. If you are a squirter then it is feasible that you become overly wet. Thankfully, there is a brilliant product known as the vaginal wand that can help to reduce wetness and keep the pussy tight. Simply wave this wand inside your vagina for a few minutes every couple of days and the wetness should begin to subside. However, be careful, as if you do it too much then your pussy may become too dry and not in great shape for sex.

All women want to be wet when they are having sex but if you are too wet then you could be unable to feel the sensations that intercourse provides. It is not great for the man either, who may not feel the tightness of a pussy that brings him brilliant sensations. Therefore, you want to find the right balance between wetness and dryness. If you are not keen on the vaginal wand, then encourage your partner to use condoms during sex. The texture of the condoms will help you to feel more sensations when he is penetrating you, while your partner will likely find it easier to keep his penis inside you.

Ultimately, if you are suffering with excess wetness in your vagina you should not be overly stressed. Either you can leave it and just learn to cope with it and treat it as a blessing in disguise, or you can go and find treatment that will help to solve the problem.

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