Hormonal Changes Were Killing Me

At first, I thought that there was something seriously wrong with me, and I did not realise that all of this that I am going through, is part of the menopause. The feelings inside my head as not changed since I left the sexiest London escorts, and I am still as horny as hell, but my body is beginning to change. I keep thinking back on the days when I worked for London escorts, and was a real glamour puss. Of course, I realise that those days are not going to come back again.

I noticed some strange physical changes about a year ago. My skin all of a sudden started to look strange and I was not any longer enjoying the flawless skin I had enjoyed when I worked for London escorts. A couple of former London escorts colleagues of mine, said that they were going through the same changes, and even had problems with vaginal dryness. At the time, it was not bothering me, so I did not think about that problem too much.

Now, vaginal dryness has really hit me, and I feel awful not being able to enjoy sex as much as I used to. The girls that I worked with at London escorts, have solved it on different ways. Some of them have started to take HRT, and others are just putting up with it. I am not prepared to put up with it, so I have decided to do something about it. Unlike my best friends from London escorts, I cannot take HRT. I am afraid that it simply does not agree with me, and just makes my boobs hurt a lot. When I took HRT, there were some days when I could not even get my boobs into a bra.

When I worked for London escorts, I was lucky enough to find a lady doctor who was a homeopath and naturopath. We have kept in touch, and she has helped me with all of the health problems I have had since leaving London escorts. This week, I turned to her again, and she was able to help me within 24 hours. As a matter of fact, I cannot believe what a difference those 24 hours has made to my life. One single homeopathy remedy, seems to have turned my life around. I was not expecting that, but now I do feel on top of the world again.

My poor partner took the brunt of my pent up feelings. As soon as he came home from work, I had him in the bedroom, and it was a little bit like this man could not satisfy me enough. I felt like I had stepped back in time, and that the old London escorts me was back on the scene. Fortunately, the remedy is still doing it job, and I do feel on top of the world. HRT is only one of the solutions to the menopause. It is a good idea to check out the alternatives. Despite what you may think, there are plenty of them out there for you, and if you are willing to try the alternatives, you will find them just as effective as HRT.

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