London escorts are not a waste of time.

I firmly believe that booking an escort is not a waste of time. I knew it wasn’t because I have experienced it by myself. It was a beautiful experience I wouldn’t forget. I do not mind how much money I spent as long as it gives me more happiness. What important is happiness than any money? I did not think that I can find that happiness in a London escort. And probably booking a London escort is always worth it, so book London Escorts now.


There is the time in my life that I have experience too much sadness, and I lean to a London escort to ease the pain in me. Thanked my friend Gary who recommended London escort to me. It was really a horrible moment of my life when unfortunate things happen. There is only a mom and me in life. I was the only child, but when I was still a kid, my father left us and joined his mistress. But my mother never beg for him nor pity herself. Instead she look for work and raise me alone. I have nothing to worry about,she send me to school and prepare for everything I need. She was always there at my side to guide and support me. She never mind the pain and too much tired just to give me food and for my everyday needs. Even if I see her ill she still go to work and supported me. She is one of a kind mother.


Until I got into college, and then met Katherine. Katherine is not just a beautiful woman; she is intelligent, talented, etc. She is known at school because of the achievements she brought. She is the pride of the university and admired her so much. It took me many years before she finally notices me. I used to send her note and food to her table without her knowing. I knew she is curious about it, and so she made a plan to catch me. One day while I was going to her class, and official seat early in the morning. I did not know she was already there and just hiding. She saw me and laughs hard. She also thanked me for making her day beautiful, and she kissed my cheeks. We exchange number, and that is the start of our daily communicating. We have a relationship, but after the death of my mother, she broke up with me. Perhaps that is why I got a hard time accepting things before.


Until I book a London escort, she comforted me and made me forget the bad things in my past. She makes me happy and has lots of wisdom in life. London escort always makes sure you go home with a smile on your face

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