How do you pick up a STI?

Picking up an STI is a lot easier than you think. One of the girls at our local low priced escorts service even picked one up from a finger during a threesome with a guy and other girl. She did not realise that any body fluid, even when it is on a finger can give you an STI. Not very good news I know, but the in general, finger fucking is pretty safe.

The risk is a lot greater when you are enjoying the company of multiple partners like my friend at London escorts was doing at the time. Who is at risk of picking up STI’s? Well, you know, we are all at risk of picking up STI’s and we should be aware of that. It does not matter if you have been through the menopause and can’t have kids anymore, you can still pick up STI’s during sex. Not that any of the girls at our London escorts service have gone through the menopause, but I want women out there to be aware.

In general most London escorts are kind of savvy about these things, but what about the rest of the population. How savvy are they? I am not sure that they are savvy at all.I was reading this about senior sex in cruise ships, and I did not realise that many seniors go on cruises to find exciting new partners to have fun with on board. The article rather shocked me, and I immediately thought about my mom. Since my dad of a sudden heart attack, she has been going on all of these cruises. I am rather worried about her now, and the next time I have a longer break from London escorts, I am going to go and see her for a chat. Showing her the article may not be the easiest thing that I have ever done in my life, but like I said to my London escorts colleagues, it just has to be done.

Isn’t it funny how you start to worry about your health when you get a little bit older? Like the other London escorts, I am still pretty young, but at the same time, I am more aware that there are things that can affect my health. I keep thinking about them all of the time now. As a result, I have changed my lifestyle a lot. For instance, I have stopped having one night stands. If you use protection you are pretty safe, but it is still a high risk activity and I have had guys rip off condoms on a couple of occasions. That simply is not good. I do have a couple of easy tips to stay safe if you would like to enjoy some male company.

The top one is to buy your own condoms. You can’t rely on the guy having condoms and you certainly don’t want to have sex without protection. The other one is to make sure that you are aware of all the ways you can pick up an STI. You can even pick up STI’s during oral sex, and transfer it to your partner. My best friend at London escorts said that she is not sure that having casual sex is worth the risk anymore. I know what she means, and I am sort of beginning to feel the same way. Maybe I should cancel my membership to my local Swingers club?

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